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Fruit juice machine

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  1. Stainless Steel Sugarcane Juicer Machine

    Sugarcane juicer main parts adopts stainless steel, health, easy to operate. The juice squeezed by this machine belongs to original natural green drinks, sweet cool, rich nutrition. Application for hotel,fruit shop, cold drink shop, schools, parks and other places Freshly squeezed drink now
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  2. Industrial Peanut Milling Machine

    Colloid mill works with shearing, grinding high-speed stirring.Grinding process occurs in relative movement between the two teeth with one revolving in high speed and another still, which makes the material between the teeth receive strong shearing and abrasion in addition to high frequency vibration and high speed swirl. The above forces effectively evenly disperse, emulsify,smash material.
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  3. High efficiency automatic stainless steel orange juicer squeezer extruding machine/fresh electric lemon orange juice extractor

    1.Elegant design, well-organized and rational structure;2.The juice is original and tasty, green and trendy;3.Anti-corrosion, easy to wash,the operation is simple and convenient;4.High efficiency,it could produce fresh and delicious juice in a few seconds after operation;5.It is an ideal machine to make juice and widely used in entertainments,restaurants,hotels,office buildings,shopping malls,supermarkets and company.
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