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Fruit Vegetable Bubble Washing Machine

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  1. TM-600 eletric automatic rice washing machine hot-selling rice washing machine rice washer

    TM-600 Rice Washing Machine has a precise structure, with high efficiency and low energy.And has a wide range usage in food washing, such as bean, vegetable seed, gingili, ect.While operation, it seperates the sand, mud, bran, worm, ect.Besides, it’ s so easily operated that it saves time and labor.Thus, the washing machine is quite suitable for those food processing manufacturers like canteens, restaurants and hotels.
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  2. Vortex Vegetable Washing Machine

    L make use of the natural mechanics principle of water billowing and scouring to prevent the vegetables from being damaged in the whole washing process, so as to achieve the purpose of industrial and standardized process of cleaning vegetables.L used for the cleaning of materials to remove asphalt, dirt, gravel and other light or small heavy sundries, and effectively sterilize and remove pesticide residues in materials.
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