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Meat Processing machine

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  1. Automatic Row meat slicing machine Ham Fish Cutting machine

    SUS 304 Automatic Frozen Bacon Beef Pork Meat Mutton Slicer,Steak meat Slicing Machine
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  2. FX-2000 burger patty machine patty making machine burger making machine

    1. It can make any shapes as you want, with largest diameter 120mm.2. It can be connected with battering or frying machine if necessary.3. Weight and thickness of final products can be adjusted, 5~12mm thick.4. Easy operation. User just puts raw material into barrel and machine can form shapes automatically.5. Easy for replacing forming mould.6. Machine has automatic paper sending system.7. Sanitary and safe. This equipment is made of stainless steel and food-grade material, which measures sanitary standard and HACCP.8. Easy for cleaning and maitainance
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  3. Large Type Meat Cutter

    The machine has large-diameter blades and a wide inlet.With low speed and smooth operation
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