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Vegetable Fruit Peeling Machine

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  1. Industrial Automatic Pomegranate Seed Separating Machine Passion fruit Seeding Pulping Machine

    The automatic pomegranate peeling machine is mainly used for the separation of pomegranate and passion fruit , separating the peel pomegranate seeds. The seeds can then be used to make juices, drinks, and the like. The machine can also be applied to fruits such as passion fruit, grapefruit and the like.
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  2. Automatc Crashew Nut Peeling Machine Nut Shell Machine

    It is suitable for peeling different size of cashew nut.
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  3. Hight Efficiency Electric Apple Peeling and Coring Machine

    The machine is suitable to peel apple skin ,remove core and cut into few pieces
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  4. FX-180 Peanut skin peeling machine almond peeling machine

    1. This machine is an ideal eqquipment for peeling the skin of peanut, big apricot and broad bean and almond. It can be connected with the peanut frying machine.2. You can also change some parts of the machine to peel the small apricot.
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  5. Full Automatic Mango Skin Peeling Machine Kiwi Fruit Skin Peeling Machine

    High quality stainless steel 304, complete machine program control + remote control, PLC, touch screen and electronic components are used in the Japanese omron.It can better adapt to the different size of the fruit, and can peel oranges, apples, pears and kiwifruit.Peel thickness (1 ~ 6mm) adjustable.The machine does not include air compressor, the air compressor which needs to be configured is equal to 0.4m3 / min, and the rated pressure is 0.8mpa.
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